Episode 15 (Craig Ballantyne: Maximise Your Potential With The Perfect Day Formula)

Craig Ballantyne: Maximise Your Potential With The Perfect Day Formula

Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula

Creator of The Perfect Life Workshop

Founder of a multiple 7-figure fitness empire

Wall Street Journal best-selling author

Creator of the Social Story Selling System

In this episode Craig shares with us his insights in creating the perfect day

  • What deep work blocks are and how you should use them?
  • Why is it important to control the first and last hour of your day?
  • How to do a brain dump so you can maximise your productivity?
  • How does the perfect day formula tie into the perfect week?
  • A revolutionary content creation model called the 5 x 5 grid that you can instantly take and use to create 25 pieces of unique content
  • And much more…

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