Episode 5 (Dave Swanson: Becoming Your Greatest of All Time)

Dave Swanson: Becoming Your Greatest of All Time

Dave Swanson is a speaker, author, veteran and the host of GOAT wrestling perseverance podcast.

  • Nat-geo has created a mini series about his unit titled “The Long Road Home”
  • He’s been in over 100 fire fights
  • He has bicycled across America doing thirty one hundred miles in 30 days
  • In 2017, he climbed mount Rainier which is the highest glacier in the United States
  • In 2018 he climbed a mountain in Vermont 17 times which equates to the same height as Mount Everest
  • He now combines his knowledge, insights and experiences and speaks to corporate businesses to help better build leadership and teamwork

In this episode, Dave shares with us:

  • How he went to West Point after failing out of junior college to then accomplishing countless extraordinary achievements.
  • The lessons he has learnt about leadership, teamwork and perseverance throughout his journey
  • How you can build a winning team where you have good trust and bond
  • Why is leading by example important?
  • Why Perseverance Beats Talent Every Single Time
  • How you should go by becoming your Greatest of All Time
  • The next big challenge he is about to attempt and much more

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