Episode 1 (David SK Lee: Intimate Conversation With CEO of Hing Wa Lee Group)

Ferrari Collector David Lee: Intimate Conversation With CEO of Hing Wa Lee Group

David Lee is the Chairman & CEO of Hing Wa Lee Group as well as a prominent Ferrari collector.

In this exclusive episode, David shares with us:

  • His 5 pillars of success formula so you can then learn and use
  • The secret to identifying the right market to enter into and then potentially start your own business
  • How to know if entrepreneurship is for you?
  • What it takes to build an online following and how you should maximize and leverage the opportunity
  • The way he manages his finance and investments – and when should you start.
  • Networking and surrounding yourself with other CEO’s
  • How to stay motivated and when to give up?
  • What he would do if he were to start from zero and had to build it all back up again?

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