Episode 6 (Nic Peterson: Business Scaling With The Velocity Method)

Nic Peterson: Business Scaling With The Velocity Method

Nic Peterson is the co-founder of Mastery Mode.
  • Started his own gym at the age of 21 and a nutrition company shortly afterwards.
  • After selling both companies he then went on starting another venture that coached people how to successfully operate a gym and nutrition company.
  • Just within 4 months, Nic was able to take that new venture from $0 to then be making $1.2million dollars per month.
  • Co-founded Mastery Mode and created the Velocity Method to help entrepreneurs scale businesses without burning out.

In this episode, Nic shares with us:

  • How he went from being homeless to now be operating multiple successful companies
  • Why he overdelivers on customer service
  • What the velocity method is, how does it work, who is it for?
  • What MED and MRV is an why you should be applying this to your life and business
  • How do you balance between maxing out and burning out?
  • The mindfulness technique that he uses to constantly improve himself
    And much more…

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