Episode 3 (Phil M. Jones: Knowing Exactly What To Say in Sales)

Phil M. Jones: Knowing Exactly What To Say in Sales

Phil M. Jones is the author of 5 best selling books including “Exactly what to say” and is an international sales trainer.

  • Over 2 million people have been through his program
  • He has 26 franchisees globally
  • He is the youngest ever winner of the British excellence sales and marketing award
  • At the peak did £240 Million pounds in the property business

In this episode, Phil shares with us:

  • Why you should be laser focused on who you do business with
  • How important is sales techniques and preparation 
  • Why the “question to the question” is more important than the “answer to the question”
  • Practical skills VS mindset
  • Nuances between closing a $1,000 sale as oppose to a $100,000,000 sale
  • Why everyone should be comfortable with uncertainty
  • How imposter syndrome affects a sale
  • How to reverse engineer questions in order to reduce objections
  • Why you should always be “on the quest of better and not best”
  • The difference between good and great sales 

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