Dave Swanson is a speaker, author, veteran and the host of GOAT wrestling perseverance podcast.

In this exclusive episode, Dave shares with us:

  • How he went to West Point after failing out of junior college to then accomplishing countless extraordinary achievements.
  • The lessons he has learnt about leadership, teamwork and perseverance throughout his journey
  • How you can build a winning team where you have good trust and bond
  • Why is leading by example important?
  • Why Perseverance Beats Talent Every Single Time
  • How you should go by becoming your Greatest of All Time
  • The next big challenge he is about to attempt and much more

Steve Sims is the the author of Bluefishing and the CEO of Bluefish. 

In this exclusive episode, Steve shares with us:

  • How he went from working as a construction worker in east London to then owning the number 1 luxury concierge service in the world
  • How he uses “Passwords” to filter people 
  • How to use his “leapfrogging of credibility” technique so you can network with the people you want
  • Why it’s important to communicate a win-win situation from the start
  • Why asking “WHY” at least 3 times is the most important question that you should ask all your prospects and clients 
  • How to build credibility by “deflecting”
  • How you should manage a clients expectations

Phil M. Jones is the author of 5 best selling books including “Exactly what to say” and is an international sales trainer.

In this exclusive episode, Phil shares with us:

  • Why you should be laser focused on who you do business with
  • How important is sales techniques and preparation 
  • Why the “question to the question” is more important than the “answer to the question”
  • Practical skills VS mindset
  • Nuances between closing a $1,000 sale as oppose to a $100,000,000 sale
  • Why everyone should be comfortable with uncertainty
  • How imposter syndrome affects a sale
  • How to reverse engineer questions in order to reduce objections

John Spence is an international keynote speaker and author of five books. He is recognised as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America.

In this episode, John shares with us:

  • His 6 step formula to attracting elite talent so you can do the same
  • The business excellence formula that took him over 20 years to develop
  • How should we lead with purpose in business?
  • How leadership has changed over the years?
  • Lessons he has learnt acting as CEO of a Rockefeller Foundation at the age of 26
  • Sales and negotiation strategies he has mastered from closing a $3 Billion deal
  • What he would do if he were to start from zero and had to build it all back up again?

David Lee is the Chairman & CEO of Hing Wa Lee Group as well as a prominent Ferrari collector.

In this exclusive episode, David shares with us:

  • His 5 pillars of success formula so you can then learn and use.
  • The secret to identifying the right market to enter into and then potentially start your own business.
  • How to know if entrepreneurship is for you?
  • What it takes to build an online following and how you should maximize and leverage the opportunity.
  • The way he manages his finance and investments – and when should you start.
  • Networking and surrounding yourself with other CEO’s.
  • How to stay motivated and when to give up?
  • What he would do if he were to start from zero and had to build it all back up again?