Episode 4 (Steve Sims: The Modern Day Wizard of Oz)

Steve Sims: The Modern Day Wizard of Oz

Steve Sims is the the author of Bluefishing and the CEO of Bluefish. 

  • He is recognised by Forbes as the Modern day Wizard of Oz
  • He makes the dreams of the 1% in the world become a reality 
  • His company Bluefish is recognised as the number 1 concierge service in the world
  • He’s once helped one of his clients get married by the Pope in the Vatican
  • He often connects with the elites of the business world with figures like Elon Musk and Richard Branson

In this episode, Steve shares with us:

  • How he went from working as a construction worker in east London to then owning the number 1 luxury concierge service in the world
  • How he uses “Passwords” to filter people 
  • How to use his “leapfrogging of credibility” technique so you can network with the people you want
  • Why it’s important to communicate a win-win situation from the start
  • Why asking “WHY” at least 3 times is the most important question that you should ask all your prospects and clients 
  • How to build credibility by “deflecting”
  • How you should manage a clients expectations

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