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Executing the fundamentals at the highest level to help our clients generate predictable results.

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Chris Chung

I am the leading Facebook Ads Strategist in Hong Kong. Together with my team, I utilise Facebook Advertising to help high-growth companies scale their businesses by acquiring more customers and clients.

I do this through my proprietary “Ad Hygiene System” which was developed through successfully investing in over $24.7M in ads. This system is the core foundation that has helped all our clients consistently generate their ideal leads and acquire customers on demand.

We work with high growth companies including industry leaders, experts, and consultants. Whether it be through our done for you Facebook Advertising Campaign management, consulting, or strategic training session.

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What People Are Saying

“I want to do a big rock star shoutout for Chris! You are crushing the asian market! For those who are using Facebook ads, these are the guys! They are the hot rock star team.”


Shark Tank Investor

"Chris Chung is the only one that has proven to consistently deliver quantitative results and actually possess the expertise to help profitably scale my brand, products, and services using Facebook and Instagram advertising.”


Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

“You are the #1 Facebook Ads Strategist in Asia, and with your team Locate 852 you are crushing it in the Asian market. So for the people who are using Facebook ads, Chris Chung you are the man.”


Shark Tank Investor

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What People Are Saying

"I liked his execution and implementation so much that I reached out and asked him to be apart of our team, work with our mastermind folks and clients to help deliver results. That is how much I trust him." - Nicholas Kusmich

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Facebook and Instagram ads is all we do. Nothing else.

We pride ourselves in executing the fundamentals of ads and at the highest level. Not the latest hack or trick but proven strategies that have stood the test of time.

Fair testing. Consistent results. Scale predictably.

  • FB & IG Ads Management
  • Lead Generation Vending Machine
  • Advisory & Consulting
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What People Are Saying

"Everyone I've worked with in the past in regards to FB/IG advertising has ripped me off. This guy is real, and that's all I know. He is well worth every penny I pay him to help build my brand to impact others to be happy." - David Meltzer